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About me

Current status: Freelancer. Looking for new opportunities.

I've been freelancing for four years. Have a bachelor of science in Media Technology within Media Production and Process Design.  Studied digital marketing at Hyper Island and communications at the University of Gothenburg.

I have experience in programming, design, photo, video and also project management. Had my internship at the startup accelerator, Fast Track Malmo, for four months working with mostly Media and Communication and have been working as an UI-designer in an early-staged startup. I'm also a member of the search engine for female creators, kreatörs kvinnor. Previously worked as Head of Communications at the startup accelerator, THINK Accelerate in Helsingborg for almost 2 years.

I'm currently doing freelance work. Digital content creator focusing on video and photo. I work with a Sony A6000, 50mm and 20mm lens. Fluent in Final Cut Pro, Lightroom and Illustrator. Would love to have my own company within digital marketing, production, content and social media.

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